Our Favorite Ways to use Bubbies Relish

Relish is a condiment that you don’t want to overlook! Adding relish to a meal is a fantastic way to add a delicious flavor to your pallet. With these recipes, we hope that you will be inspired to use Bubbies Kosher Dill Relish in new ways. As always, look for Bubbies in the refrigerated section, and be sure to share your recipes with us on Instagram at @bubbiespickles. 

Fresh Corn Fritters

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These crispy corn fritters are an excellent addition to any meal! 

Pancetta Burger

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Paired with Bubbies special sauce, this burger is bursting with flavor!

Kathy’s Tuna Salad

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We love how relish pairs with tuna! The salty taste of relish brings forth a whole new wave of flavors.

Dill Pickle Egg Salad

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If you’re looking for a wonderful meal to prep before a gathering, this egg salad is perfect! Simply make it, then refrigerate until it is ready to serve. This tastes amazing on bread or crackers!