Balancing Act

John Gray and Olga Villaverde in a kitchen with Bubbies pickles
Wow! My wife, Heather, and I arrived at O2 Media in Pompano Beach, Florida at 8am for a day’s worth of shooting four 4-6 minute segments for The Balancing Act show on the Lifetime Channel. Our piece is part of a healthy kitchen feature they are running.

We had shipped product in advance so Albert, their chef and food stylist, could put together the serving suggestions we had submitted. Heather and I were greeted by Cassandra, our Participant Concierge, who took wonderful care of us during the day. Cassandra had my shirts pressed, provided beverages and lunch and generally kept me on track.

I met our host, Olga Villaverde, in the small make up room getting some finishing touches on her hair and make up. I was given some very light “shine reducer” for my face and balding head. It seems that the HD cameras don’t require the make up of the old days. They also apparently don’t add the famous 10 pounds because of the sharper images. So I didn’t look as bad as I expected! Christopher Cox, the writer/director, and his crew were delightful to work with. They and Olga put me at ease. They only told me to be myself, it was taped after all, and could be re-taped if necessary. I did have to read the prompter for the show lead-ins or teasers, but that went fairly easily thanks to some theater training, no doubt. I am proud to say that the final segment was done in a single take! That is a feat that Cassandra said she had not witnessed in her experience there. Heather observed that the first segment was good, but that they got even better as we progressed and became more comfortable. I must admit that I had Olga laughing to tears with “the world’s oldest pickle joke” I’d heard since entering the pickle business in 1989!

To me, this is an excellent way to introduce or promote our products versus a 30 second or less ads that many folks tune out. Can’t wait to see the results and whatever audience response there might be. I did offer free jar openers to the first 100 people who write our website or Facebook page mentioning the first segment as a simple market test. We will know in March.

John M. Gray
Chairman & CEO
Bubbies of San Francisco, Inc.