Refreshing Summer Recipes to Enjoy Outdoors

summer recipes
Summer Recipes

With warm summer breezes and lots of sunshine, June is the perfect time for picnic gatherings with loved ones.
To start the season off right, we’ve compiled some of our favorite picnic-inspired recipes for you to try this month.
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Picnic-Inspired, Summer Recipes

Bean & Dill Pickle Salad 

Add a colorful side dish to your picnic with this delicious and easy-to-make recipe created by Crowded Kitchen!

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Homemade Dill Hummus 

This protein-packed hummus offers a refreshing take on traditional store-bought alternatives. Not only is this recipe easy to make, but it’s delicious too!

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Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Onion Relish

Summer nights were made for grilled cheese and Bubbies pickles. This gourmet-take on a classic is sweet and savory all rolled into one.

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Roasted Caprese Open-Faced Sandwich

Try this tasty Bubbies dill pickle and garlic aioli appetizer topped with
oven-roasted tomatoes on toasty sourdough.

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