Our Favorite Reused Jar Ideas

There are so many great ways to reuse and recycle. We love seeing the genius ways our fans reuse their Bubbies jars! Here are a few we couldn’t wait to share.

This beautiful post was sent in by @alietatreasurehunting. Bubbies jars make the most amazing flower pots! Gather a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers, and you are set for decorations, year-round!

This lovely arrangement was sent in by @hedge_floral!

And this rosy display is from Bubbies!

We love how @eco_conscious_oils reused these jars to become food containers! An excellent solution to easy snacking, these jars are wonderful alternatives to plastic sandwich bags.

These terrariums are a fantastic way to give Bubbies jars new life! All you need are pebbles, activated charcoal, some soil, and a plant. Succulents are an easy option for your terrarium and look beautiful in any room.

@orangeexpressions uses Bubbies jars as a go-to salad container. The perfect lunch if you’re on the move! And this glass jar is a great way to ensure it will stay fresh.

Speaking of ready to go meals, these Bubbies jar meals were featured on a Bubbies Blog in 2017. For these recipes, visit

This pickle jar was reused as a smoothie container by @homemadeheart44! We love this homemade cozy as well. It’s easy to personalize your jar to fit your personality!

This fruit infused water idea sent in by @feedingmylittles looks extra refreshing. Adding berries or lemons to water is a natural way to add a splash of flavor.

How to remove the pickle smell from Bubbies Jars:

One key element to reusing Bubbies is getting rid of the pickle smell. After many experiments, we believe that we have found an excellent solution.

Using baking soda and water, make a thick paste and scrub the jar with a sponge until the entire jar is scrubbed. Let it sit overnight, then rinse out with hot water. This should get rid of the pickle smell! If the pickle smell is strong, then I would suggest giving the jar an extra hour of soaking in a bowl of hot water and vinegar.

Have any other ways you enjoy reusing Bubbies jars? We’d love to see them! Use the hashtag #bubbiesjars when sharing your ideas.