Monthly Archives: December 2016

Cocktails to Ring in the New Year!

2016 is almost at an end- how did that happen?! If you’re planning on having a celebration on New Year’s Eve, then cocktails can definitely add to the festivities- in more ways than one. Everyone has heard of the pickleback, but we’ve searched long and hard to find a handful of recipes that dill pickle, […]

Sauerkraut Gingerbread makes the holidays more festive!

Winter is one of my favorite times to bake and cook because there’s always something so comforting about a warm, cozy kitchen with delicious smells when it’s chilly outside. I was thinking back recently about being a kid at Christmas time, and how it’s very different as an adult when I started thinking about my great-grandma’s gingerbread. […]

A Fabulous Must-Try Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut Salad!

If you follow Bubbies on Facebook, then you may have seen a great sauerkraut salad we shared a few weeks ago from  We were lucky enough to have one of our readers, Lucianne Pugh, share her favorite sauerkraut salad- and are we happy she did!  She makes a variation of this recipe that she […]